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Ah Matey! Explorers of the New World!

December 20, 2015


Hoisting the MastEarly Explorers

While learning about the early explorers my students became world travelers!  We made a mast with an old drop cloth and 2 straight limbs cut for another project and attached the “mast” to our playground climber.  What fun!  My students took turns being the captain, first mate or navigator and everyone was part of the crew.

We reached the Sandwich Islands!

We reached the Sandwich Islands!


Crew had "scurvy"!

Crew had “scurvy”!


Traveling to unknown lands.

Traveling to unknown lands.

Along the way the captain was instructed to open an envelope with different situations.  The First Mate would call out the situation that was happening.  My students got “scurvy”, saw whales and penguins. Feel free to use the cards and have fun!



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