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Using Comics as a Writing Tool

February 21, 2016
Make Belief uses a storyboarding form to make simple comics.

Make Belief uses a storyboard to make simple comics.

Writing Comics

Do your students read comics? This would be a great transition for writing their comics.Have any students that don’t like to write but have very active imaginations?  Getting my students different ways to express themselves, allows them access to various forms of writing is important. Using comics could  just open them up to new possibilities!So when I came across this site, I thought my students would love it.  Make Beliefs is very easy to use, has lots of comic images to choose from and the final product can be printed or emailed to their parents! What student wouldn’t like to make their own comic book?

Then you could take it to another level! My students have really gravitated using i-Motion. I think using the MakeBeliefsComix backgrounds for a stop action film would just make this explode with possibilities! They could do the voices, make their own backgrounds to add to their story.

Let me know what you think!





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