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The Endless Possibilities for Learning With Coding

April 3, 2016
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Endless learning.

Growing and Endless Learning

There is no surprise that kids pick up on technology easily. They adapt to the tools available quickly and are open to trying. So when I get an opportunity to show my students something new, I get excited.  I go through learning the new apps to see how my students will be challenged and to be able to support their efforts. To say it is work would be lying. I enjoy playing with Osmo and Sphero and seeing what it can do. Playing with Makey-Makey has been great fun and I know my students have only scratched the surface. They are learning more than just how to make it work. They are learning how to be persistent, not to give up when it doesn’t work the first time, to discuss what goes wrong, as well as what goes right. They are learning that it’s okay to make mistakes, make iterations and try again.

When I introduced them to coding, first I completed the Hour of Coding myself. It was addicting and fun! Who knew!? It has led me to continue learning more about coding on Khan Academy and Code School. It has given me the confidence that I can do this, so can my students!

My students have done amazing work. They have tackled Scratch and did a great job working with all of the options to animate their names.  They tested out many of the options and figuring out how to incorporate it in their designs.

They are now working on writing their own games and creating activities that matter to them.  They are going through, making mistakes, learning from them and working through it. I’m really proud of them.

I recently learned about Tidepool. It approaches coding a little differently then with blocks of codes and I think my students will really enjoy collaborating on stories and building and learning coding step by step. If you are interested, they are still looking for help through Kickstarter for funding. You can be part of it!

If you want to check it out for yourself, give it a whirl. They say even as we age we need to continue learning to keep our brain sharp! Michelangelo said he was still learning when he was 87. So think of coding as a new language and surprise your kids with what you can do! The world is yours!


Keep calm and keep Learning!




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