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Minecraft, Star Wars-style

August 14, 2016

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This summer I put together a fun science camp that combines Minecraft, Star Wars and space. It turned out to be a great unit! The kids did an incredible job!

Day One:

  • The kids worked together to make the planets in a much smaller scale. Using an exercise ball as the sun and basing the sizes of all the other planets by that.
    • They had to multiply 1,400,000km (the size of the sun) by 70cm (the size of the exercise ball) to come up with 20,000. They took 20,000 and divided the diameter of all the planets to come up with the relative sizes.
    • I had gathered a variety of spheres from beads, sand, marbles, soccer balls, baseball, basketballs for them to choose from.
    • Then they measured and compared the balls to find the correct sphere for each planet.
    • They shared their findings to the rest of the group and they were surprised that by what they discovered!
  • We then measured the distance from the sun to each planet. First we used toilet paper and then we walked outside to get another feel for it using a step instead of a square.
  • Bill Nye has this great video to show the incredible distances between the farthest planets.
  • They made their own planets with balloons and rice. Fun idea and they turned out great!

Day Two:

  • Show images of the moon to prepare for our “trip”
  • Field Trip to the Moon
    • From the American Museum of Natural History site there are documents for the teacher and students. Everything is there but the video. Unfortunately they don’t offer the video but I showed some clips of the Apollo launch and we read through the script.
      • They worked on: Engineering, Habitats, Ecosystems, Navigation, Medical and Geology for-filling the tasks for each area.

Day Three:

  • I went through Wookiepedia and selected moons/planets to use. There are numerous but many don’t have images, they may have only been mentioned in stories or the films. I selected the 10 with an image and information that would make it a little easier for the kids to complete the task ahead.
  • Have the kids pick the planet they would want to create on Minecraft. Great way for kids to pair up with new kids with a common interest.
  • They also will create their own characters or creatures and plants for their planet that had to be in keeping with the environment of their planet.

Day Four:

  • Taking their creatures and the landscape from Minecraft, they made a stop action film using i-Motion on the iPad.
  • First they worked together to create a storyboard including all of the characters.
  • After rehearsing it a few times, it was time to film.
  • When the film was completed and they had finished their Minecraft landscapes, we merged the two.

Day Five:

  • Time to share everything with their parents! The campers get so excited to share what they have learned and made over the week and it’s fun putting it all together!
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