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Never-melting Snowman

August 14, 2016

Paper bag snowman and sock snowman! Too cute!

Snowman in From the Cold


  • 2 small white shopping bags
  • tissue paper or cotton batting
  • white string
  • 2 small sticks
  • construction paper
  • fabric
  • assorted decorations (buttons, beads, googly eyes, etc)

Using 2 small white shopping bags your child can make their own snowman.

  • Insert some tissue paper or cotton batting in the bottom of one bag for the base.
  • Now insert a small amount of tissue or cotton batting for the head and scrunch the bag to make the neck tying a piece of white string to hold it in place.
  • Insert the base bag into the head bag to the neck. The two bags will overlap. Put a little tissue or batting in the chest and hold it in place with another piece of white string that will secure the two bags together.
  • Make a small hole on each side of the chest and add 2 small sticks that your child can find in the yard for arms.
  • A hat can be make with construction paper, foam sheets or small child’s hat.
  • Your child can use construction paper for the nose, eyes and buttons or they can just draw them on.
  • Use a piece of fabric about 14″ x 2″ for the scarf and you have a very cute indoor snowman.
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