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Baby Snowmen

December 30, 2016
Baby snowmen are delightful!

Baby snowmen are delightful!

Baby Snowman


  • white sock
  • beans or rice
  • white string
  • yarn or ribbon
  • assorted decorations (buttons, beads, googly eyes, etc)
  • fabric
  1. Using a white sock (baby socks work well) to make a charming little snowman that won’t melt on the table.
  2. Fill the toe with a handful of beans or rice (or more depending on the size of the sock).
  3. Wrap a piece of white string around the top of the sock so you won’t lose the filling.
  4. Now add a scarf from a piece of yarn or ribbon, pulling it tight to make the head and body.
  5. Decorate with markers, felt pieces, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, buttons and scrapes of fabric.

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