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Word Scramble Game

May 9, 2017

scrambledWord Family Scramble

1. Choose words that your child is familiar with. Cut out letters that are in those words then mix up the letters. Tell them the word they are trying to unscramble.

2. For beginners, include only the letters for the word you want them to spell. For instance: if you want them to spell “cat” have them pull out only those letters. You may want to say, “Pull out one t, c and a.” That way you are not giving away what the word is.

Or you can mix up the letters and ask them to spell the word for a four legged animal that says meow! They’ll have fun listening to your riddle and figuring out the clues.

3. When they are done with that word, say “Great. What would you need to do to the word cat to make it say hat?”

4. Have a few letters spread out in front of them, be sure that one of the letters is an h. If they are having trouble choosing the h. Point to and say the sound for each of the letters you put in front them. If they are still having trouble, again while pointing to each letter, try blending each of the beginning sounds with the word family ending slowly, until they can hear that the h is the letter they need.


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