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Word Family Sorting Cards

May 9, 2017

Word Family Sorting Cards


Word Family Cards (PDF) or make your own word cards


  • Using the word cards have your child start by sorting the words by first letter, then by the last letter.
  • Does your child see any words that end with the same two letters?
  • Let them discover the middle letter and sort by the last two letters.
  • When they are done sorting by the last two letters, pull out one card from a word family to model the pattern.
    • For instance, pull out the card for mat, from the word family -at and tell them the word. Sound out the word together    /m/ /a/ /t/
    • Show them another card in the -at word family, for example sat. Ask them, “Can you tell me the difference between these 2 words?”   mat and sat
    • They should see that only the first letter has changed.
    • Now you can model what to do by saying, “Take the word mat, change the “m” and put an “s”, so it becomes s – at, sat”.
    • Have them repeat the word.
    • Let them pick the next word to sound out. Help them if she looks in need but first pause to let them try.
    • Continue doing this through the rest of the word cards for the word family that you are working with.


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