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Word Families Review Dice Game

May 9, 2017

wf diceWord Family Review Die


  • scissors
  • pen
  • tape
  • dice
    Version: 1
    5.9 KiB

Make Die

  1. Start with word families for: -un-ot-at-ap-eg, and -ig
  2. Cut dice out on the dotted lines.
  3. Write one of the word endings on each side of the dice
  4. Fold on the solid lines.
  5. Tape flaps to die.

Play Game

  • Before you begin the game come up with a goal as to how many words for each word family you are going to try and get (three seems like a reasonable number). When they reach the goal, the game is over.
  • Your child rolls the die.
  • When the die lands on a word family, it is your child’s job to try and make a word for that word family.For example, if the word family is -un, they might come up with: fun.  If they are having trouble coming up with words, show them how to use the alphabet to come up with beginning sounds for words.Start with a – aun ? Does that make a word? No. How about b – bun ? Does that make a word?  Yes. Going down the alphabet, the next comes c – cun etc.
  • If you wish, they can write the words down.
  • Remember, when you reach your goal, the games is over.
  • An alternate way to play: When your child rolls the die, they can try and make as many words as they can with that word family. For example, if the word family is -un, they might come up with: fun,sun, or stun.To add more to the game you can take a piece of paper and fold it into six columns. Add the word families at the top of the columns and have your child write the words that they come up with under the appropriate heading.


Listen and observe your child, are they struggling with the letter sounds? If one word family is confusing them, have them play games and sort that ending before introducing another word family that is similar. For instance: if they are getting confused with -ig and -ip have them sort words, play games and become comfortable with those word families, before they go on.

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