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Word Family Wheels

May 9, 2017


Word Family Wheels


  • cardboard or round cake base
  • pen/pencil
  • brad or fastener
  • compass
  • stickers to decorate the front (optional)
  1. Cut two large circles out of cardboard.  Using a compass, make one circle about 7 12” in diameter and the other 8 12” in diameter.If you don’t have a compass to make the circles, you can trace the outer rim of two different large bowls, one slightly bigger than the other.If you don’t have cardboard, consider using the cardboard from the inside of cereal boxes or purchase the round cardboard used to set cakes on.
  2. Approximately a 12” from the edge of the smaller circle cut a square with a razor. Make it big enough to see a letter in, a 12” square works well.
  3. Write the word family ending to the right of the square. In our example we are using the word family -at.
  4. Line up the 2 circles and attach them with a brad (poke a hole through the center of both pieces of cardboard with a hammer and punch/nail or the end of a compass works really well).
  5. In the square, write a letter to make a word with the word ending.
  6. Move the second circle (the one in back) so you have a blank area again and write another letter.
  7. Continue doing it until all the combinations for that word ending is included.
  8. Explain to your child that all the words have the same ending.  Show them the wheel and let them try and figure out what the ending is.
  9. Then turn the wheel and show the beginning letter changes. See if they can sound out the beginning sound.
  10. Then have them try and blend the beginning sound with the word family.
  11. Once they understand that all the words have the same ending, they will have fun turning the wheel and figuring out what the next word will be.
  12. Your child can decorate the circle as long as the decorations don’t interfere with the words.

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