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In the spring of 2007, after years of successfully creating hands-on experiences for children, Cynthia and Chantal decided to use the Internet to share tricks and tools that they have experienced over the years with parents that longed to share the joy of learning with their children. So it started with Chantal and Cynthia working at New Morning School in Michigan, a school known for individualizing the learning for their students. Where they had the opportunity to create fun situations and activities for children to problem solve using hands-on materials that helped facilitate learning at their own pace.

Chantal has gone on to bigger and better things and I miss collaborating with her.  Caitlin Holman and Cory Kaufman have stepped in to help with the computer aspect of the site and couldn’t have come at a better time.  I feel very fortunate to have their expertise to work with.

You will find on this web site lessons and activities that have worked well with other children including: suggestions for lessons appropriate to the needs of different children, videos with pointers, a sequence of skills and much more. Let me know if you are looking for a particular lesson or activity, chances are I’ve seen or done it!

Cynthia dressed as the Fairy Godmother for Halloween with some of her students.

Cynthia dressed as the Fairy Godmother for Halloween with some of her students.

Cynthia Wilkinson
B. A. in Elementary Education from
Michigan State University

Cynthia brings to the team over 20 years as a certified teacher. She has had experience working with children from preschool through 8th grade. Over the years, she has gathered numerous ideas and suggestions from other teachers and mentors on the best ways to reach a child. She has had the opportunity to attend workshops to further her understanding of children, including one on brain-based learning. She knows the importance of taking into account each child’s individual strengths and learning styles to help him/her to reach his/her individual learning potentials. She recently was a speaker again at the Detroit Area Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  She also spoke on Project-based learning at the Community Sharing and Caring conference and brain-friendly learning at the Parents Awareness Michigan in Lansing, Michigan to a packed room.  She is looking forward to continuing presenting in the future to pass the information to others to make learning fun and meaningful for children.

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