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Mission Statement

Parent Child Education, a limited liability company, aspires to be the most comprehensive website for everything relating to children for parents, teachers, home school parents, care givers, tutors, ESL, uncles, aunts, grandparents… anyone that wishes to enrich the life of the young person they are spending time with.

Parent Child Education will give you all the tools (everything from secrets on how teachers reach different children – to products that have a proven track record) that we have learned while working with children.  Empowering you and giving you the confidence that you will inspire your child (or children or class) to work towards their educational potential while instilling in them an enthusiasm for learning.

At Parent Child Education we incorporate in the lessons:

  • current research on the brain and numerous ways to engage it
  • lessons based on the research of Jean Piaget
  • a variety of approaches to teach each lesson
  • information on how to assess your child after each lesson

With your help and support, we hope to create the website that you come to first for everything you need for your child.  With you on our team, together, we will be able to make this website an incredible place to help children become life-long learners.

Cynthia standing with Venee and a few of her students dressed for Halloween.

For Halloween I went as a Fairy Godmother! It was fun to surprise my students with my crazy outfit.

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