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Life-size T-Rex Foot Print


Looking for a fun activity for your child‘s birthday party?  Need a new way to explore estimation? The t-rex and apatosaurus dinosaur foot prints are a great answer!  Use these life-size dinosaur foot prints to generate lots of questions and give you plenty of uses.  You can:

  • have them paint their foot prints and count how many of their foot prints fit inside
  • cut out the foot print and use their stencil to make dinosaur tracks in the neighborhood (using flour sprinkled inside)
  • let them paint the foot print to hang in their bedroom
  • count how many dinosaur foot prints it takes to walk across the backyard, field, their room…compared to their foot prints.

Select between T-Rex or Apatosaurus or take one of each!  Either way, your child or students will love them!

Orders are shipped within 2 weeks!

T-Rex Foot Print                    


Apatosaurus Foot Print     

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Life-size T-rex footprint to use as a stencil, paint, measure…anything your little dinosaur king would want with a footprint.

Price: $8.50

Shipping: $3.00

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