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Websites Worth Checking Out!

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This site has math and reading activities based on grade level.  My students enjoyed playing the games.  They have free activities but they also have premium activities at $4.99 / classroom / month.

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This site allows the students to play math games that are based on their skill level.  Teachers can take attendance and give out points for positive and negative behavior.  Your students can use the points towards playing the games, changing their avatar and make “friends” with others on the site to challenge them to games.  My students love it.  I love the way it gives detailed information on what activities each students has done, how well they did and how long they did them. It has reports for behavior and curriculum.  This starts out free but after the trial period it comes to be $10.00 per student.


This site has differentiated curriculum when reports for you to see their progress.  As your students do the activities earning time towards games.  They can only play the games for set times and it takes them back to the activities when their time is up.   Many of the activities are free but you can upgrade for $79.00 a month.

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Spelling City

I’m trying something new for spelling and my students not only enjoy it, they are practicing more and, ultimately, doing better on their spelling tests!  This is free for the basic games which my students have been fine with doing but you can upgrade at $49.95/25 students.


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